Controlglass Company


Glass is the building material of the future. We cannot imagine the number of future applications for such a solid fluid, which is also responsible for letting light and life into buildings. Glass is the only construction material for which, in the 21st century and with current technology, there is no possible substitute for its hardness, transparency and durability.

Glass is more than a building material, and its processing and use should be treated as deserved. The possibilities offered by glass for a better world are endless, its magic should be handled with delicacy and its greatness is in the hands of glass professionals who believe in its potential, and who day by day do not waste the opportunity to take the best advantage out of its applications.

One company has all the requisites to make the magic flow. We have every possible flat glass process. Machinery and technology can be bought but it is our people who, with their attitude and credibility, really differentiate us.